Video: R. David Lankes explains the framing of the Salzburg Curriculum, discussing the core values in further detail.

As discussed at the Seminar (and derived from The Atlas of New Librarianship), the mission of librarians and museum professionals is to foster conversations that improve society through knowledge exchange and social action. One of the unique aspects of this curricular framework is that it sees the preparation of librarians and museum professionals in a unified way. Despite ongoing discussions of the links between the two professions, these connections are rarely, if ever, seen in how each group is prepared for their work.

This framework is dedicated to lifelong learning both in and out of formal educational settings. It is intended to be applied to continuing education as well—not just degree programs.

The curricular topics discussed below are driven by the following core values (in no particular order):

  • Openness and transparency
  • Self-reflection
  • Collaboration
  • Service
  • Empathy and respect
  • Continuous learning/striving for excellent (which requires lifelong learning)
  • Creativity and imagination*

* While the other core values in this list are fairly self-explanatory, the last item bears some elaboration. Developing new ideas and being able to adapt to new circumstances is a professional value and should be expected of all librarians and museum professionals.

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