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Video: R. David Lankes gives a brief history and overview of the Salzburg Curriculum.

Imperatives for the Future


Curricular Topics

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  1. Marsha Semmel says:

    Congratulations on launching this. These conversations and explorations are essential to have and to build on as our librarians and museum professionals maintain our effectiveness and relevance in today’s society.

    Thank you.

  2. thl_admin says:

    Thanks Marsha!


  3. Katherine Howard says:

    Like Marsha, I agree that these conversations are vital, so it is excellent to see some activity in this space. I am currently undertaking a PhD in Library and Information Science, also looking at education requirements, but I am looking at “GLAM” = Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. An ‘Art Gallery’ in Australia is equivalent to an Art Museum in the US – hence the inclusion of the “G”.

    I am curious as to why the “A” is not included in the Salzburg Curriculum. This is not a criticism – just an observation that much of the research undertaken in this area is “LAM” (or “GLAM”). Are there plans to include at a later date? Was it a deliberate decision not to include Archives, and if so, what was the rationale? I’d be really interested to hear from any of the project participants about this.

    Again, congratulations on the research and developments so far!

    All the best!

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