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Purpose of this Site

The Salzburg Curriculum project is centered around a high-level curricular framework created at the Salzburg Global Seminar in October of 2011. This framework is designed to bring together the training processes for both library and museum professionals in order to align them with each other. Over the course of this project, we aim to complete the following goals:

  1. Fully develop the framework with the original participants of the Salzburg Global Seminar on “Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture.”
  2. Map the newly refined framework to significant curricula and standards in the library and museum domains.
  3. Create a web space for discussion and adoption of the refined framework.

That third goal is precisely what you see here. On this site, you will find project progress updates, news, and discussions as they unfold, along with bios for project advisors and partners.

Visit some of our current partners via the images below:

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